Mechanism of action: P38 alpha inhibitor (inhaled)

Preclinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics

AZD7624 inhibits human MAPK14 with an IC50 of 0.1nM and prevents TNFα release from human PBMCs with an IC50 of approximately 3.5nM.  AZD7624 is active at both the alpha and beta forms of p38 and is inactive at the gamma and delta forms. AZD7624 was equally potent at inhibiting the rat, mouse, guinea pig, rabbit and dog recombinant p38α enzymes.

Inhaled AZD7624 is rapidly absorbed (Tmax: 5 mins) with the major route of elimination through the faeces.

Safety and Tolerability

Inhaled AZD7624 has been assessed in healthy volunteers and PhIIa trials for COPD at doses ranging between 580 µg to 2030 µg. The mean plasma concentration profiles were characterised by rapid absorption and a decline with rapid distribution phase followed by a slower terminal elimination phase.  The geometric mean terminal half-life after single inhalation of AZD7624 in the dose range 580 µg to 2030 µg was 34 to 72 hours.

There were no major differences in total exposure in COPD patients compared with healthy subjects receiving inhaled AZD7624.  In healthy volunteers and COPD patients, no trends in laboratory parameters have been identified and no clinically significant changes were noted in ECG parameters or vital signs.  Analysis of the available safety data shows that AZD7624 is generally well tolerated.

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