About AstraZeneca

Our aim is to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. We will achieve this by placing science at the centre of everything we do. Join us in exploring what science can do.

At AstraZeneca, our aim is to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. We will achieve this by placing science at the centre of everything we do and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our research and development model

Distinctive science starts across our two R&D organisations, which conduct innovative discovery research and development from initial target selection to Phase III clinical trial programmes that support the approval, launch and reimbursement of new medicines, as well as lifecycle management.

R&D BioPharmaceuticals focuses on Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolism (CVRM), Respiratory, Inflammatory and Autoimmune (RIA), and Microbial Sciences and Neuroscience, and then we have a dedicated R&D organisation solely focused on Oncology R&D.

At AstraZeneca, we push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. Our unique combination of scientific capabilities in small molecules, biologics, immunotherapies and antibody engineering put us in a strong position to develop the targeted novel medicines and combinations required to meet patient needs.

Pascal Soriot CEO, AstraZeneca

Why Open Innovation?

At AstraZeneca we pride ourselves on being one of the most porous and open collaborators in our industry. We are passionate about working openly with the best scientists around the world to understand key pathways and mechanisms that can help transform great science into great medicines.

Mene Pangalos EVP, R&D BioPharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca

Together, we can accelerate medical science to make a real difference for patients

We continue to find new and innovative ways of collaborating with academic institutions, biotechs and pharmaceutical companies. By sharing knowledge and resources with other scientists, we collectively stand a much better chance of delivering effective treatments for serious diseases.

We are interested in collaborating with research partners across all stages of drug discovery; from the initial idea through to early clinical development.

Our Open Innovation platform provides an open, collaborative approach to link our expertise, unique research tools, optimised molecules, technologies and challenges with your research capabilities and interests. So let’s work together to accelerate the advancement of medical science and bring novel therapies to patients.

What it means for you

Working with AstraZeneca means access to optimised compounds, compound libraries, technologies, services and know-how, as well as the possibility of joint publications in high-profile journals. Most importantly, it brings the opportunity to see your ideas develop into treatments for patients who need them.

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Responsible research

We want to be recognised for our high-quality science and for the impact we can make on serious diseases – and to be trusted for the way in which we do that. This means setting and living up to high standards of ethical practice across all aspects of our research activity worldwide, including clinical trials and research with animals.

Our Code of Conduct requires that our research be conducted in accordance with all relevant external laws and regulations. Our Code also requires compliance with our Bioethics Policy, which describes our commitment beyond legal compliance and defines the ethical standards, principles and behaviours governing all our research and development activity worldwide.