New Molecule Profiling

New molecule profiling offers you the chance to have your novel compounds screened in relevant disease biology assays, which may then become the foundation for future collaborations

We provide access to sophisticated cheminformatics and screening technologies, as well as physical chemistry profiling. At the same time, we aim to create partnerships with top global research talent to help advance the discovery of novel therapies that improve the lives of patients.

Participation brings benefits

  • You can access our modern drug discovery screening programme, representing a broad range of assays across our scientific areas of focus.
  • AstraZeneca tests selected compounds, via our High Throughput Screening programme, against a wide range of disease-relevant targets.
  • All evaluations and data will be provided to you free of charge with no obligations.
  • All evaluations and data are free of charge with no obligations for you.
  • The confidentiality of your compound structure is protected.
  • You retain IP rights to the molecule.
  • You decide whether to move to the next step in the process if an opportunity is presented.
  • Post testing, AstraZeneca may partner with you to advance promising discoveries.
  • We encourage joint publication of data.

How it works

Screening report

If your compound exhibits promising biological activity, we can negotiate further research activities by mutual consent. Intellectual property rights will remain with you, so discussions would focus on how we can best advance the research through collaboration or licensing. Further biological characterisation would only take place after a collaboration or licensing agreement has been established. If we should agree not to take the compound further for any reason, you would be free to publish the data, use in grant applications or refine the hypothesis.

Criteria for screening evaluation

We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality of your structures during the initial screening. For compounds accepted for screening, we also commit to preventing your structures from being revealed externally.

For the cheminformatics evaluation, only our third party service provider will see your compound structures. You will be invited to provide information about an individual compound structure and enter into a Material Transfer Agreement only if the compound is accepted for screening evaluation. Access to an accepted compound will be restricted to AstraZeneca’s high throughput screening programme and panel of toxicity, DMPK and physical chemistry assays. Further controls are applied to ensure that the structures of compounds undergoing screening evaluation are not disseminated externally by project groups.