Cell Therapy

Do you have an innovative Cell Therapy/Regenerative Medicine idea? Access targeted molecule collections to advance your cell therapy innovations.

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AstraZeneca is keen to collaborate and welcomes innovative cell therapy proposals from academic and other researchers around the world. We have a diverse compound collection and are keen to utilise a targeted subset of AstraZeneca small molecules in regenerative medicine systems. In addition, we are open to receiving proposals for cell modulation with therapeutic antibodies; for specific targets there is the potential we may be able to collaborate and share therapeutic antibodies.


The use of compounds as modulators of cells in the scientific area of regenerative medicine is an expanding field, therefore collaborating within this area of therapeutics, adds benefit to research and advances healthcare.

For successful proposals, we offer:

  • Sharing of small molecule compounds from our screening library
  • Potential access to specific antibody assets, depending upon the proposed target
  • Potential for further collaboration to advance your target

A key initiative at AstraZeneca is to share our compound libraries with academia and industry to advance the treatment of a broad range of diseases through regenerative medicine approaches, bringing the potential to cure patients that have an unmet medical need.

Johan Hyllner Senior Director, Head of Regeneration, Research and Early Development, Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism, BioPharmaceuticals R&D

How to submit a Cell Therapy proposal