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Target Innovation

AstraZeneca is extending our culture of open collaboration within early discovery by the introduction of the Target Innovation Programme.

What is the Target Innovation Programme?

Do you have an innovative idea for a drug discovery project? This may be a new drug target, or a new mechanism for a known target. Are you interested in partnering with AstraZeneca to help validate your target and translate your novel science into a new medicine?


If so, our Target Innovation Programme is for you

The programme aims to foster innovative partnerships between AstraZeneca and novel science at academic or other research organizations, to advance target validation for your exciting new target ideas. Collaborative proposals can gain access to a diversity screening subset library of up to 250,000 compounds and/or the performance of a full high-throughput screen.

Proposal Submissions

We welcome innovative target proposals from academic experts around the world. Our scientists will rapidly review proposals and consider whether we can assist in advancing your idea to full validation. If your concept proposal is chosen, AstraZeneca will work with you to further develop your idea into a full proposal. We intend to select up to ten concept proposals in each submission round.

AstraZeneca has a wealth of early drug discovery expertise and know-how, and has fostered an open collaborative approach to target discovery, with a strong track record of flexibly collaborating with external academic and industrial collaborators.

The ultimate goal is to partner your idea, technical and scientific expertise, and passion to advance a novel drug therapy for patients with AstraZeneca drug R&D expertise, technology, and tools to create new medicines for waiting patients in our priority therapeutic areas. Successful projects supported by the grant can lead to deeper collaborations to advance the target into our therapeutic pipeline, under agreed terms with you.

Find out more about how target innovation works!