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Pharmacology Toolbox

Compounds with optimized pharmacological properties are available for preclinical research to explore novel disease biology and advance scientific knowledge.  These compounds have been selected based on potency at the target and suitability for use in cellular/tissue systems in vitro (human or animal) as well as animal models in vivo.

Let’s Partner for Preclinical Research


AstraZeneca (AZ) is inviting disease area experts and scientists to partner with each other, with public or private funding parties, and with AZ to brainstorm, design, and execute preclinical translational research to provide groundbreaking scientific data.  The aim is to generate high quality, novel data to support the future discovery and development of new therapeutics through target validation, efficacy in models of disease, and mechanistic insight into the pathophysiology of human disease.

Types of Preclinical Studies Considered

Next Steps for Interested Investigators