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Clinical Compound Bank

Patient-ready compounds are being offered for novel, clinical and translational research into diseases with significant unsatisfied medical need.  These compounds, that have demonstrated evidence of target coverage and manageable tolerability in humans, provide valuable opportunities to explore disease biology, advance medical science, and potentially discover a new therapy for your patients.

Let’s Partner for Clinical or Translational Research

Finite limits in budget, manpower, expert disease insight, and patent-life restrict pharmaceutical companies from pursuing all, or even perhaps most, of the meritorious indications for these optimized compounds.  Such constraints, while real, potentially leave value for patients and the scientific community undiscovered.

To combat these limitations, AstraZeneca (AZ) is inviting disease expert physician and basic scientists to partner with each other, public or private funding parties, and AZ to brainstorm, design, and execute clinical and translational research towards clinical proof-of-concept. For projects of mutual interest, AZ will collaborate with the investigator to identify and secure funding from appropriate source(s).


Interested Investigators are Invited to:

Our Experience in Clinical Validation through Open Innovation

Pioneering government/industry/academic open innovation partnerships recently piloted with the MRC and NIH/NCATS have resulted in the initiation of 10 – 12 clinical and translational research projects with AZ patient-ready compounds.  These as well as multiple collaborative investigator-sponsored clinical studies with AZ compounds and oncology investigators provide a foundation for creating partnerships that work and template agreements which together we can optimize further.